Courtesy of Mannino's Family Practice Pharmacy

Ricky Mannino honored as Impressive Father

In the June/July issue of "The Hammond Downtowner", Pharmacist and Owner, Ricky Mannino, was featured as one of four Impressive Fathers by the Hammond Downtown Development District. Below is his full interview.

How did your business get its start? Are you the first generation owner of your business, or did someone in your family own it prior to you?

Mannino's Pharmacy is a first generation pharmacy. I started the business in 1983. My father was owner of Ragusa Brothers Construction Company.


How do your business responsibilities and parenting responsibilities mimic one another?

The question of how business and parenting responsibilities mimic each other is a very interesting one. With both, you want to be honest, fair and consistent. You want to lead with both your brain and your heart because, in the end, you hope they are one in the same. As a parent you do everything you can to keep the family safe. As a business owner you do everything you can to keep your business safe because it a big part of keeping your family safe and secure.


Do you think fathers that are also business owners have it harder, easier or just different?

Fathers who are business owners in some ways have it easier than non-business owners but in some ways it is a lot harder.

As a business owner you are sometimes able to be flexible in your hours and that lets you spend more time with your family. Other times the business requires you to be away from your family.


Which family member has been your greatest influence in life? How have they helped you become the father and business owner you are today? What traditions (business or otherwise) did your father pass on to you that you passed onto your children?

My mother had the greatest influence on me. I love being a dad and a husband. My mother instilled this in me.

My dad taught me how to be a provider, which is a very important to the survival of the family. My dad taught me to stand your ground and if there is a problem, face it, solve it.

My mom taught me to be man enough to admit a mistake and make it right. She also taught me how to love and the importance of family.

Both my mom and dad taught me that my word is more important than any piece of paper. These are what the basic tenants of being and father and a business owner


Do any family members work with you on a regular basis? Can you explain that dynamic?

I have the great pleasure of working with Dr. Sadie Mannino Bennett (my daughter). It is a wonderful experience. I cannot express how blessed I am to have her here.

The dynamics are very unique and special. Sadie keeps me moving. She literally gives me a schedule of things I need to do every day. She also keeps me on my toes. She is extremely smart and asks questions. When I answer, I had better be correct. It is fun to watch the student become the master.


What advice do you give to your children to help them be successful?

I give them the same advice my mother gave me. Her level of wisdom and insight is hard to explain and would fill too many pages. But, here's the most important.

My mother always said the two most important things you can give your children is love and an education. That has always been my goal. Give them an education so they can have the knowledge to meet the challenges of the world and love so they know they have nothing to fear.


What’s your favorite family past time?

My favorite family past time is spending time with family. Whether it's going to the beach, snow skiing, or just watching television, the time together is what is important.